Horrible Jokes

These horrible jokes are ones of the worst jokes you will ever hear, you wonder why? Because simply they are horrible. Be careful while telling and share them, some people will receive them as offensive jokes, but they are just horrible jokes.

horrible jokes

horrible jokes

If we could just get one mosquito net to each family in Africa, we could save millions of ………………….. mosquitos from needlessly dying of AIDS.

How many blacks does it take to start a riot?

What does the tornado and black people have in common?
It only takes 1 to ruin the neighborhood.

That joke was so dark it stole my TV
Black man walked to a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. “Very nice!” said bartender. “Where did you get it?”. “From Africa”, said parrot.

How do you start an African rave?
Staple toast on the ceiling

How do you start a Somalian marathon?
Roll a donut down a hill.

What does Ethiopian food taste like? You don’t know? neither do they.

The only thing positive about Ethiopia is HIV

A guy was walking to a bar and on his way he found a girl tied up to the railroad tracks. He untied her and they had sex. Guy gets to the bar, friends ask why he’s so late, tells them about the girl he found and all the different positions they fucked in. Friends give him props and ask if he got head, guy replies “I couldn’t find it.”

How do you get a Jewish girl’s number? Roll up her sleeve
What’s the difference between a Jew and Santa Claus? Santa goes down the chimney.
Merry xmas.

Why are break-ups so bad in China? Because everybody looks like your ex.

What’s black and sits at the top of a staircase?
Stephen Hawking after a house fire.

Why can’t Stevie Wonder drive a bus? There’s no steering wheel at the back of the bus
What do you call a flying jew? Smoke
If the camera adds 10 pounds, do African children exist?

Guy goes to the Grand Canyon one day for a look. Pulls into the parking lot and a young boy is running toward him, crying his eyes out.
“Help me mister,” the boy cries. “The accelerator pedal got stuck and we went over the edge. My whole family’s dead, my Mom and Dad and sister. I jumped out at the last second,” tears streaming down his face.
Guy looks down, unzips his fly and says, “Well, I guess this just isn’t your lucky day.”

“Daddy, daddy! I think I just got my first period!”
“Really? I thought I just bit my lip.”
Little Johnny wakes up one night hearing strange noises from his parent’s bedroom. He opens the door to his parents room and sees mom, handcuffed to the bed’s headboard, dad ramming her from behind. Johnny screams. Dad turns to looks at him, laughs and gives mom a slap on the bum for good measure. Johnny runs away, screaming. Once dad has finished mom off, he uncuffs her. She immediately says, ‘You better go tell Johnny everything is OK, the shit he just saw could scar him for life”.
Dad rolls his eyes and begrudgingly agrees. Pulls on his robe and heads for Johnny’s room only to find it’s empty. He then heads for the TV room but when he passes the guest room, he notices the door is ajar, noises coming from inside. He opens the door to look in and sees Granny on her hands and knees, little Johnny f***ing her from behind.
Dad screams.
Johnny turns around looks at him and says “Yeah, not so funny when it’s your mom huh?”

What’s red and white, and sits in a corner getting smaller and smaller?
A baby with a potato peeler.

“Daddy, I don’t like running round in circles”.
“Shut up, or I’ll nail your other foot to the floor”.

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